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Family Resiliency Days

Experience 3 life-changing weekends with your family this Spring!

Our family resiliency days provide adventure with purpose. These are designed so that families will participate one Saturday a month for three months. As we adventure together, we provide tools for families to gain healthy communication skills while simultaneously providing support with like minded families.

This integration of adventure with outdoor education instills empathy, compassion, gratitude, and positive communication for families to transfer to everyday life.


Kids & Adults


$75 per person / maximum $300 per family

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Engage in survival skills like fire and shelter building. Participate together on a hike problem-solving along the way.

Adventure Park

Discover what it means to experience challenge together. Interact through initiatives and climb the high elements learning to trust and communicate empathetically.


Strengthen family through adventure and discover positive communication while rafting a 6-mile section from Ferry Landing to Camp Bighorn.



Spring Family Resiliency Days

March 16th, April 13th, & May 25th, 2024

$75/Person ($300 Family Maximum)




Please note that the $75/Person ($300 Family Maximum) cost covers all three adventure days, meals, and training topics!

The full cost of the program is bought down by grant money, enabling Camp Bighorn to offer this program to families at a much lower price. If finances are still tight, please fill out a scholarship application, now available as an optional form within registration. If you have any questions, please call our office at (406) 826-3144.