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Any private group who has reserved a week at Camp Bighorn this summer will be able to find their unique registration link below. If you are a leader interested in making a future reservation, please Contact us to start planning your adventures.


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Sobek Family Reunion

If your relatives were born with curly blonde hair and knew how to swim before they could walk, you're in the right place. It's time to register for another family reunion! Families are welcome to arrive on July 5th, but before you start packing those bags, please register below.

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Emmanuel Baptist Church

It's time for another retreat at Camp Bighorn! Families will be able to easily register each member of their household by clicking the button below.

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Plains School District Appreciation Day

We see how hard you've worked this year and wanted to take time to say thank you. This June, every worker in the Plains School District is invited to attend a FREE adventure day at Camp Bighorn! Please arrive by 12:30pm on June 18th (lunch included).

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