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April 2023

Journey Graduation!

Another group of Journey students have completed the 8+ month program focused on outdoor adventures, leadership, and spiritual development. At their graduation dinner, each student shared a core memory and a primary lesson they learned this year. Each favorite memory came from one of their out-trips. These adventures shared treasures they'll hold onto for the rest of their lives. As for their spiritual lessons, keep scrolling to hear them!


He really enjoyed practicing simple living while at Camp, and he found that the 21-day backpacking trip was an especially key time to practice this. Upon returning home, he's looking for ways to continue to live simply.


On the 21-day trip, he received a letter that stated, "You tell me your attitude, and I'll tell you your future." This pressed upon him the importance and power of attitude, which he carried into the remainder of his year.


Throughout the year, Cal learned that "God's plan is gonna be a whole lot better than mine's ever gonna be."


Paul's greatest takeaway was to practice intentionality in his decisions because he learned that his choices have lasting impacts on himself and others.


Ruth's time in Journey allowed her to experience God's love and peace in a way that's deepened her trust in Him.

Thank you for your continued support of Camp Bighorn! These Journey students experienced significant life change because of God's work through you.

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