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February 2023

Journey to Costa Rica

Journey just returned from 18 days in Costa Rica. This cross-cultural trip focuses on expanding their worldview as they observe how people live in another culture. Their time was split into three different locations with three different types of experiences.

The first week, they were in Sarchi, a suburb of the capital city San José. Here the focus was on the importance of hospitality, a value of ours at Bighorn. Lisardo and Rocio, friends of Bighorn's directors, hosted Journey for three meals a day, plus an afternoon coffee hour. The students were able to observe and experience firsthand the highest level of generosity and hospitality.

For the second week, Journey traveled to the coffee mountain village of Cachi. Every morning, Journey walked to the local high school for a language exchange program. Divided into smaller groups, the students entered different Spanish classroom to help Ticos (Costa Ricans) practice their English. This experience was challenging for Journey, as it was outside their comfort zone; but by the end of the week, they had made many friendships in the school. The local pastor said his church leaders had been praying that Journey would be able to interact with every high school student (600), and that prayer was answered!

For the final few days, Journey spent some time at the beach reflecting on and processing their time in Costa Rica and the past few months at Bighorn. Hopefully, this extended time of reflection allowed for all that they learned to really sink in deep to create life change.

Check out some pictures from their trip below:

When you think of us, please pray for:

  • Journey's transition back to life at Bighorn
  • Wild Child, as it begins in the middle of March
  • God to provide summer staff and interns for this summer

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