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Health and Safety

Current Policy

Last Updated 06/10/2021


Camp Bighorn takes seriously its role in helping to stop the global COVID-19 pandemic. Using the tools available to us reduces our chances of being exposed and spreading it to others. Our role in stopping this pandemic and preventing it from infecting our staff, guests, campers, volunteers, and the folks back home is Camp Bighorn’s moral, legal, and Biblical responsibility. Information and data about COVID can change quickly. We continue to follow local, state, and CDC guidance as we navigate this season together. Our hope is to provide a fun, loving, and safe opportunity for every camp that adventures at Bighorn.

Before Arrival


Following local health department and CDC guidance, we strongly encourage everyone eligible to get a COVID-19 vaccine and talk with their healthcare provider.

Limiting Exposure

We ask all guests, campers, and volunteers to do their best to lower the possibility of exposure to illness. For those unvaccinated, do your best to limit high risk activities for 10 days prior to arrival. If you are sick before arriving, we ask that you stay home.

During Camp

Cohort Families

Upon arrival, campers, guests, and volunteers will be assigned to a cohort (your cabin group). You do not need to wear masks or distance yourself from members of your cohort. You can associate with other cohorts outside and on activities so long as you do not participate in a substantially high transmission activity (side by side, close physical contact, etc).

Health Screenings & Monitoring Symptoms

Upon arrival, all individuals will have a general health screening. If you are showing symptoms, or have a fever, we kindly ask that you stay home. We ask individuals to continue monitoring their health throughout the week.



Masks are strongly encouraged, but not required, for people who are not fully vaccinated against COVID-19 while indoors. If you are fully vaccinated, you do not need to wear a mask while at camp. All individuals can wear a mask if they choose.


In general, masks do not need to be worn when outdoors unless engaging in a substantially high transmission activity (side by side, close physical contact, etc)


If you are needing to ride in a Bighorn vehicle with individuals from another cohort, all passengers will need to wear a mask for the duration of the ride except for vaccinated individuals.


Please do not wear a mask when you are swimming, in high aerobic activity, sleeping, or under the age of two.

Hand Washing

Please wash hands often and before and after every meal.

Physical Distance

When indoors, keep a distance of 6ft from individuals outside of your cohort. While indoors, you must only dine with your cohort.

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Previous Policy

Last Updated 1/29/2021


Camp Bighorn will be following the operation plan provided by the Sanders County Health Department for both Restaurants and Public Accommodations. As a result, all adventure camps have been restructured in an effort to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 community spread. Camp Bighorn will continue to pursue the established mission and vision. Throughout the summer, adventure camps will be tailored to serve small groups of 10 people or less. If larger groups are hosted, they will always be separated into smaller adventure groups for the duration of their stay.

Steps to Reduce the Spread

- Maintain social distancing of 6 feet.
- Priority placed on outdoor activities over indoor activities.
- Bighorn staff are required to wear face coverings, when practical, during instances where social distancing of 6 feet is difficult.
- Events and group sizes will be planned based on social distancing practices.
- Food services will now provide meals outside (weather permitting), with offset serving times to keep groups from mixing.
- Signs and messages have been posted to remind staff and participants about proper hygiene practices.
- Flat surfaces will be cleaned frequently, such as shuttle vans, serving tables, and other locations where community contamination may occur.
- Cleaning logs will be kept in commonly used areas, like the lodge, offices, and restrooms.
- Regular verbal reminders will be given about behaviors that prevent the spread of COVID-19 when communicating with staff, families, and participants.
- Vehicles and other commonly used equipment will be cleaned regularly.

Health Screenings

For Staff, Daily

A Daily Health Screening log will be kept to monitor the health of every staff member.

For Participants, Before Arrival

Participants must fill out a pre-screening form based on COVID-19 symptoms listed by the CDC. To mitigate the spread of communicable diseases, participating families and groups are asked to monitor their health and respond appropriately. In the event they, or someone in their home, has a cough or fever, or has been exposed to COVID-19, they will be asked to stay home and recover.

For Participants, Daily

Camp Bighorn will be conducting brief daily health screenings at the start of each day.

If a participant or staff member begins to exhibit flu-like symptoms, as listed by the CDC, Camp Bighorn will make an immediate effort to isolate and implement the Communicable Disease Plan. Appropriate supervision and care will be provided while making plans for the individual to return home.

Communicable Disease Plan

Prior to Events

- Inform individuals of home isolation criteria.

During Events

- Isolate and transport those who are sick to Isolation Room.
- Call and inform parents of situation and plan.
- Call Sanders County Nurse Hotline for advice, or 911 if critical.
- Notify health officials and those who have had close contact with a sick individual.
- Staff and campers who have had close contact with a person who has symptoms should be separated and sent home as well, and follow CDC guidance for community-related exposure. If symptoms develop, families should follow CDC guidance for caring for oneself and others who are sick.
- Clean and disinfect area(s) sick person was around.
- Monitor symptoms and coordinate food drop-off for sick individual while in quarantine.
- Parents / guardians will pick up participant as soon as possible. Parents / guardians will also be encouraged to contact their child’s healthcare provider.

Special Considerations for Overnight Camps with Non-Congregate Members

- Align beds so that campers and staff sleep head-to-toe at least 6 feet apart, or reduce cabin capacity by 50%. Ventilate area well. The same considerations will be used for tenting.
- Clean and disinfect bathrooms regularly (e.g., in the morning and evening, after times of heavy use) using EPA-registered products.
- Encourage staff and campers to avoid placing toothbrushes or toiletries directly on counter surfaces.

Special Considerations for Vehicle Use

- Limit travel time for non-congregate groups. (e.g. transit to river access, etc)
- Camp Bighorn staff members are required to wear cloth coverings while operating a vehicle with passengers.
- Participants will be encouraged to wear cloth coverings.
- Vehicles will operate at 50% of passenger capacity, or less.
- All occupants of a vehicle are required to wash hands, or sanitize, prior to departure.
- Shuttle operators will follow vehicle cleaning guidelines prior to operating shuttle and upon completion of shuttle.