In Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear Family, Friends, and Guests

You have most likely been following the news of the Coronaviros (COVID-19) as it impacts communities throughout the world. Information about the virus continues to develop and change daily. Some communities have been impacted more than others and we pray that Christ may be near those who are dealing with this on a personal level.

As we watch the virus unfold through news outlets, social media, and government, it is easy to allow fear and questions of uncertainty to cloud our minds and inhibit our daily lives. I want to encourage all of you that Christ is with you and near to you. In a time of unknown outcomes, I would encourage you to walk with God, be proactive in safety measures, and seek to help those who may need a hand, all while resting in God’s grace and peace.

At Camp Bighorn, we believe this can be an opportunity to demonstrate the confidence we have in God and an ability to serve and love through the challenges that lie ahead. Camp Bighorn is dedicated to providing a space that is physically, mentally, and spiritually safe for employees, guests, vendors and volunteers. In wake of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), Camp Bighorn is making an effort to expand sanitation procedures. This includes enhanced cleaning and disinfecting of all cabins and bathrooms, as well as the lodge, office, and food service areas. At Camp Bighorn, most programming is done outdoors and in new environments, which we gratefully consider as a health benefit.

In addition to enhanced cleaning and disinfecting, and as an added measure of safety, we are asking individuals who may currently be sick or are experiencing a fever, cough, shortness of breath, or other signs of illness to refrain from attending activities and/or programs at Camp Bighorn.

We will also be encouraging the following daily practices, as this is an excellent time to enforce better hygiene:

- Proper hand washing techniques
- Coughing etiquette into the shoulder
- Social distancing (and for those who can’t hold back, a proper elbow bump instead of a handshake or hug will be encouraged)
- Daily evaluation of campers and staff for developing illness

We will be checking for daily updates from the CDC and local health authorities and will follow their lead. Camp Bighorn looks forward to welcoming you and walking alongside you through adventure and life. May the Lord be gracious and give you peace.

In Christ,

Brian Meaden | Executive Director of Camp Bighorn

(photo: kieferpix/getty images)