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Food Services Director

Manage and carry out all aspects of food service operations

Category: Director Level
Year-round, full-time
Must raise full support or serve full-time as a volunteer
Manage and carry out all aspects of food service operations

General Description

Typical duties include managing the food services team, cleaning equipment, scheduling equipment maintenance, and all activities required to serve food. These activities include meal planning, placing food orders, preparation, and meal service.

Position Responsibilities

- Lead, train, and oversee the food services team, including staff cooks and volunteer interns
- Establish and uphold food services policies, procedures, and training
- Maintain and develop camp menus and recipes to meet high quality standards and budget constraints
- Inventory and order foods, kitchen and dining room equipment, chemicals, and other disposables
- Coordinate with other branches as needed to plan food and specific menus for guests and staff including planning for various food allergies or dietary restrictions
- Ensure compliance with sanitation requirements, cooperate with routine health department inspections, maintain hygienic work spaces, and mitigate risks

Minimum Qualifications

- Desire to serve others compassionately and hospitably in a camp setting
- Ability to work alongside and lead people with different skill levels and personalities
- Possess or be willing to obtain ServeSafe Food Protection Manager Certification
- Previous food service education or experience and/or a strong desire to learn
- Ability to read and write in English and understand basic math including fractions
- Ability to work long shifts with extended periods of standing or walking, lift and carry heavy items, and work safely with commercial kitchen equipment.

General Responsibilities

As a member of the Bighorn community you will be expected to:

- Engage in regular times of Scripture reading and prayer
- Regularly and actively attend staff connection meeting
- Relationship is a vital aspect of our community and ministry at Camp Bighorn. As a member of the staff team, you will be expected to invest in relationships with other staff, campers, students, and interns
- Participate in staff trainings and staff retreats
- Assist other branches by helping with turnaround, dishes, kitchen help, retreat hosting, programming for retreats, etc
- Assist in driving when possible
- Raise the amount decided on for your salary by seeking out churches, organizations, and individuals willing to partner with you in ministry
- Submit to the leadership of the Executive Director and the Branch Director team

Apply Now

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