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Social Media Specialist

Depicts Bighorn's mission by posting stories and snapshots of our campers’ experiences

Category: Member of the Administration Team; Reports to Administrative Director
Year-round, full-time
Must raise full support or serve full-time as a volunteer

General Description

Camp Bighorn is an outdoor adventure camp that seeks to embody the love of Jesus and develop Christ-honoring leaders. Bighorn’s core values are based on Matthew 22:37-39, which include loving God and loving others. The Social Media Specialist is essential in depicting our mission by creating and posting stories and snapshots of our campers’ experiences. This individual must be able to develop relevant content which will reach both existing and new audiences. The Social Media Specialist assists Camp Bighorn in upholding the value of building and maintaining relationships. This person successfully communicates and promotes Bighorn’s programs through email and social media. The Social Media Specialist will work closely with the Administrative team on these tasks.


- Coordinate with the Administrative Director and Brand Coordinator which stories to capture and highlight on social media
- Develop a time-line for successfully delivering content
- Capture photos and videos of Bighorn events, organize material, and maintain records
- Assess the effectiveness of social media posts and be willing to adapt as meets the needs of Bighorn
- Report weekly progress to the Administrative Director
- Assist in delivering communication outside of Social Media (emails, newsletters, website etc.)
- Be available to work within other camp areas (office, dishes, guest services, etc.), as incoming group needs vary, especially during the Summer season.

Required Qualifications & Skills

- Integrity, Flexibility, Willingness to learn and work with a team
- Self-motivated, Organized, Detail and Schedule Oriented
- Communicate with Professional Etiquette and Accuracy
- Knowledgeable & Relevant in Social Media Channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc); 1-3 years work experience strongly recommended
- Strong Computer Skills, including Office 365 & Google Drive

General Responsibilities

As a member of the Bighorn Community you will be expected to:
- Engage in regular times of Scripture reading and prayer
- Participate in weekly staff meetings, devos, ongoing trainings, and occasional retreats
- Invest in relationships with the staff, campers, students, and interns
- Maintain a clean professional appearance when on site at Camp Bighorn
- Participate in Turnaround, dishes, kitchen help, retreat hosting, and programming
- Drive a 15-passenger van for programmed events, as needed
- Support Raise the required salary by seeking out churches, organizations, and individuals willing to partner with you in ministry
- Assist Branch Directors with other projects as needed
- Submit to the leadership of the Executive and Administrative Directors

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