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Work Weekend

Finishing projects and setting the stage for life-changing adventures


Work Weekend is a volunteer opportunity that sets the stage for all the life-changing adventures that happen at Camp Bighorn. Hosted twice each year, this overnight invitation is a great way to join old friends and take care of the place we all love so dearly. Projects generally include landscaping, cabin cleaning, and trail maintenance, with special projects including jobs like welding, course maintenance, building new adventure features, and more.

So call up your friends and grab those work gloves, it's time hit the road for Camp Bighorn!


Food and Lodging

Food and lodging are free! If you can find your way out here for the weekend, we'll take care of the rest. Kindly RSVP at least seven days before Work Weekend so sleeping arrangements and groceries can be scheduled accordingly.

If you would like to cover your costs while visiting, please visit the front office after you arrive. A suggested donation is $15/person, per day.

Packing List

Beyond the normal clothing and toiletries, please provide your own bedding. This includes a pillow and either a sleeping bag, set of sheets, or blanket. You should also bring...

- Shower towel
- Close-toed shoes
- Work gloves
- Warm jacket or fleece
- Field games / board game (optional)


Friday, October 13 - Sunday, October 15

Fall 2023

Join us for the Fall Work Weekend! Registration is open now! Volunteers are welcome to arrive by 9am on Friday, October 13th. Work projects will begin each morning at 9 AM, and all volunteers are invited to join us for a special "thank you" adventure on Sunday afternoon! Weather will determine which events are possible, but we'll make sure to offer something exciting. Sack lunches will be available after the adventure, and anyone who stayed overnight must checkout by 3pm on Sunday, October 15th.


If you intend to sign-up for Work Weekend, please do so at least two weeks prior to the start date. This allows time for Camp Bighorn staff to organize work crews, set sleeping arrangements, and provide the correct amount of food.

If you find this page less than seven days before the start of Work Weekend, please Contact the front office here to speak with a staff member about availability.

To sign-up, please click the link below, sign-in, or create a new account, and select Volunteer Registration 2023-2024.

Thank you!

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