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Sonya Black

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Coming initially as a young teenager, I experienced a lot of personal growth here at Camp Bighorn. I developed a passion for serving others, and after years of seeing all the growth in other people's lives, I felt truly called to be a part of this ministry full-time. Bighorn is a unique place for challenge and growth, and I'm excited to lead adventures in this Christ-centered community.

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Originally from Graham, WA, Sonya spent 90% of her time in the woods hunting, fishing, Jeeping, and hammocking. She worked for two years as a barista and personally claims to have been spoiled with incredible coffee. Sonya started coming to Camp Bighorn in 2012 and fell in love with the ministry here. In 2015, she served on summer staff with six other girls from Graham, WA and continued to come back each summer until 2018 when she signed up for the Journey gap year program. After that, she officially caught the Bighorn bug and took an internship the following year. After the internship Sonya was asked to consider staying full-time and joyfully accepted.

Sonya Black

Adventure Coordinator and Trainer

As a member of the Program Team, I facilitate adventures for many of the guests at Camp Bighorn, which include the Journey gap year program, summer camps, partnerships with outside organizations, and other group reservations.


Wilderness Advanced First Aid (WAFA)
Wilderness First Responder (WFR)
ACA Canoe: Level
Rock Climbing Instructor Level 1 (SROM)

Fun Fact

My special skills include getting ice, peeling an entire orange peel in one peel, locating spiders in a room, and burning my tongue with hot coffee.

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