Garrett and Anna Boon

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Why We're Here

God has taught and is still teaching us a ton while at Camp Bighorn. We are excited to support the ministry through our gifts and talents, helping create space for relationships to grow, questions to be asked, and the Gospel to be shared and lived out.

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Garrett first came to Bighorn as a college student from 2007-2011. After graduating, he worked in Georgia building ziplines, tour guiding and training staff at an adventure resort.

Anna spent her teen years at a summer camp and always knew she wanted to join that ministry when she grew up. She spent a year in an outdoor ministry program, but a good chunk of her adult life was spent working in various customer service jobs around the USA.

In 2013, Garrett and Anna joined the administrative staff at Camp Bighorn.

Garrett Boon

Office Assistant

I felt the need to do something with more purpose and ended up back at Camp Bighorn on full-time staff in 2013. I now assist in the office, training others, leading trips and making things for Camp Bighorn.


- Bachelor's in Outdoor Leadership from Prairie Bible College
- Challenge Course Facilitator Level 2 certification from Leahy, Inc
- Leadership Certificate from Rare Earth, Inc
- Wilderness Advanced First Aid (WAFA) from Wilderness Medical Associates

Fun Fact

My full name is Garrett James Dean Boon III

Anna Boon


My cooking education has all been on the job: first working in a popular restaurant, then helping manage the kitchen and meals at a resort. I have also worked at three other summer camps, as well as having past experience with Bighorn.

Fun Fact

My summer camp teen nickname was Aquila.


We have three children: Teslyn, Warren and Magnolia.

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