WildHer Weekend Retreat 2022 | Rock climb, backpack, canoe, and more!

Ron and Kathy Hargis

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Why We're Here

Our family has been involved in local and international lay-ministries and mission teams for many years; from working with the homeless in downtown Seattle to overseas mission projects in various countries like the Philippines, Africa, Vietnam and Thailand. We’ve always had a passion for going on “adventures with God” and have simply wanted to serve where needed.

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Serving at Bighorn since late 2015, Kathy and I both have a love for the beauty and adventure of the outdoors. Ron grew up in Dearborn Heights, Michigan, just outside of Detroit. Kathy grew up in Santa Clara, California, located south of San Francisco. They have been married for 37 years and try to live life with a “go for it – risk is healthy” attitude. Ron is retired and Kathy serves as a part of the admin team.

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