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Becky McKinnon

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I care most about knowing, loving, worshiping, and serving God. The outflow of that relationship is to call others to seek God and His kingdom as well. The wilderness is a unique context where we often see ourselves, others, and God in greater clarity; so at Bighorn, I act as a steward of that environment as a place where the Holy Spirit works.

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As an education major in college, Becky was fascinated with how people learn but discovered the traditional classroom was not where she thrived. In 2003, she completed a graduate program in wilderness leadership, which shaped her worldview–if challenge produces the most growth in people, then maybe seeking comfort should not be top priority–and began her journey of developing as a wilderness instructor. She first joined Bighorn staff in 2010, and God worked in her life in significant ways as she grew in her leadership and relationship with God. She left in 2018 to attend graduate school to study theology, and she is thankful to now have the opportunity to bring back what she learned to a familiar place.

Becky McKinnon

Wilderness Expeditions Director

I plan, design, and lead wilderness expeditions to foster personal and spiritual growth.


• Wilderness First Responder
• ACA Level 2 Canoe Instructor
• ACA Level 3 River Safety and Rescue
• WEA Certified Outdoor Educator
• Leave No Trace Master Educator
• MA in Christian Studies (Regent College)

Fun Fact

I once worked on a rutabaga farm in Maine for a year.

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