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Benjamin Portillo

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Why I'm Here

I work at Camp Bighorn because I love what the camp does with adventure and leading kids to Christ. Camp Bighorn also played a huge part in my life when I was younger so working here allows me to try and do that for other kids.

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Ben was first introduced to camp ministry in high school by friends who volunteered at Camp Bighorn. After hearing about their experiences, he went on to serve at Camp Bighorn for three consecutive summers (2017, 2018, 2019) as a Summer Staff volunteer. Once Ben graduated from high school, he decided to take a gap year instead of attending college. He attended a program in Colorado and served there as an Outdoor Education Teacher where he fell in love with teaching kids in the outdoors. He also worked on various building projects and loved figuring out how things worked.

A few years later, Ben reconnected with Camp Bighorn and decided to join the full-time staff team because of all the experiences he had during his time on summer staff.

Benjamin Portillo


I get to help with construction projects, trail work, and general maintenance throughout the property. If there's a work project, I'll be there to get things done and push camp forward.


First Aid and CPR
Wilderness Advanced First Aid (WAFA)

Fun Fact

When I was a kid I got run over by an airplane. It was a Cessna 206 that weighs no more than an average small car, but it still happened.

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