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Kayak 101

Strap on your Chacos and come connect with us for our White Water Kayak 101 course.

Join staff members and other enthusiasts along the Clark Fork River to engage in an introductory course on white water kayaking and playboating. Learn the 5 essentials of kayaking, the nomenclature of a kayak, an introduction to river hydrology, and develop close relationships as we discover what it means to be in community while experiencing God’s creation. Whether you're a kayak beginner, or already a playboat river rat, this course has an excellent vibe that flows well in a small group community.

You will see God’s creation, experience being unplugged from technology, develop new skills, and gain lasting friendships.





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Participants should arrive at Camp Bighorn between 4pm and 5pm. Dinner will be served at 6pm, personal gear will be inspected and staff will share best practices for taking care of kayak equipment for the week. The 5 Essentials (kayak, helmet, PFD, paddle, skirt) will be provided, so participants will not need to bring gear. Moreover, the group will take time to frontload the spiritual theme, develop their values, and make a commitment to one another. Throughout the course, the Bighorn van and kayak trailer will be shuttling us to key areas on the river as we learn and explore our new skills.

Tuesday - Thursday

Kayak 101

Each day, we will begin with breakfast at Bighorn! Everyone will then connect, load up our kayaks, and shuttle to strategic places on the river for instruction. Day one, we will focus on the most important skill in kayaking - the wet exit. This will take place along a scenic section of river and we will continue with paddle technique from there. Throughout the course, we will steadily progress to doing class 2 rapids. Each day we will take time to reflect to see how the principles we practice can lead us in life-long learning. Evenings will be filled with a tasty meal at Bighorn, slacklining, and shared moments around a campfire.


After 3 days straight of kayaking, the group will gather to process the experience and celebrate through a scenic Stand up Paddle Board Trip. We will reflect on the trip to see how our experiences on the river can translate to life back at home. You will need to make plans to leave Camp Bighorn between 2-2:30pm.



Kayak 101

July 1st - 5th, 2024