WildHer Weekend Retreat 2022 | Rock climb, backpack, canoe, and more!

Seth and Amber Gibbs

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Why We're Here

We are called to create environments of growth through Christ. Partnering with Bighorn lets us do that through adventures of all shapes and sizes.

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Seth grew up in eastern Alabama on a small farm with his parents and two older sisters. He worked in a bike repair shop for a year and a half before moving to Montana in 2017. He first heard about Camp Bighorn through friends at church. Seth came and volunteered at Bighorn for 3 summers before joining the full-time staff team in 2017.

Amber has been around Bighorn since 2004. She claims to have been the "know-it-all camp kid" who fell in love with camp (and a boy) and never turned back! Summer camps have always been apart of her life, primarily at Bighorn, as well as two other camps. At Bighorn, Amber served as a summer staff volunteer for 4 years, learning to be a Technical Adventure Coordinator (TAC) and gaining a commanding knowledge of adventure equipment before joining the full-time staff team. She has also spent off seasons at other camps as an Outdoor Education teacher and kitchen staff.

Seth Gibbs

Grounds Manager

As the grounds manager, my passion and responsibility is to maintain and care for the grounds at Camp Bighorn. Growing up on a farm taught me how to maintain and care for the land and fix many different kinds of equipment.


Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

Fun Fact

I was 4th in the state of Alabama for racing mountain bikes.

Amber Gibbs

Program Equipment Manager

As part of the Program team, I manage adventure equipment year-round and the Technical Adventure Coordinators (TACs) during the summer.


Wilderness Advanced First Aid (WAFA)
First Aid

Fun Fact

I love swing dancing... A LOT! I often spend time up in the trees in our ropes courses, and worshiping Jesus through song is one of my passions.

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