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Caleb and Jen Sapp

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Why We're Here

We are passionate about moving past stereotypes to be the hands and feet of Christ. It is incredible to see youth, families, and young adults alike begin to digest concepts of humility, courage, and perseverance through an outdoor adventure and experiential education context. More than this, character rooted in Christ and a Christian worldview. It is exciting to see our summer staff, interns, and permanent staff alike having opportunity to step into leadership positions and lead others through outdoor adventure sessions.

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For the last 10+ years, Caleb has been involved in coordinating Venture, a Camp Bighorn program that partners with local therapeutic boarding schools and after school programs to create character building outdoor opportunities for youth. Most recently, Caleb's role has expanded to the position of Program Director where he is responsible for safety and risk management, logistics, permitting, the programming hard skills curriculum and oversight for the kick start of the Venture Expeditions program, a three week youth outdoor experience.

Caleb Sapp

Program Director / Venture Director

After completing the Explore Program and finishing a B.A. in Youth Ministry through Prairie Bible College in 2006, I joined the staff team of a residential program for teens “at risk” for one year in rural Montana. During this time, I helped coordinate adventures in partnership with Bighorn. In May of 2008, I came on staff at Camp Bighorn to join the Program Team and to begin Venture, a program that facilitates outdoor adventure experiences with organizations and non-profits that serve underprivileged youth, addiction recovery groups, and residential boarding schools.

My hobbies include white water kayaking, hiking, camping, stand up paddle boarding with my family and others. Glacier National Park is an annual trip! Also, I enjoy playing chess, Legos and doing the climbing wall with my 6 year old daughter, Aneliese Montana.


• B.A. Youth Ministry - Prairie Bible College, 2006
• Nationally Registered EMT - Licensed in State of Montana
• Wilderness EMT - Aerie School of Backcountry Medicine
• AMGA Top Rope Site Management (cert non-current)
• White Water Rescue Technician - Rescue 3 International (in past)
• Wilderness Education Association - National Standard Program (in past)

Fun Fact

Others say I have the ability to karaoke to Weird Al Yankovich's Amish Paradise. I would say "some" ability.

Jen Sapp

Support Staff

I help out with dishes, cooking, set-up, cleaning and the like. As an empathetic introvert, I am often whelmed by the energy and action of camp, but so thankful for the life giving influence in so many souls! I first visited Camp Bighorn in July 2006 with my 9th-12th graders from Lighthouse Christian Center in Puyallup, WA. After an exciting and impactful week, I found myself asking how I might serve in such a dynamic environment.

Confirmation and support started coming in before I even announced my desire to join staff, and on December 15, 2006, I moved to Plains, MT where I have lived ever since!

Fun Fact

As a licensed massage therapist, I'm brainstorming ways that I might be able to incorporate this talent at Bighorn. Any ideas?


We want our family to have a culture of faith while embracing challenge and adventure well. Our current adventure is raising our daughter, Aneliese Montana (6).

As a first grader, Aneliese is discovering her independence while learning phonetics and basic math at school. Her current favorites: recess, Wednesday night “Discipletown,” climbing with her daddy, and playing legos whenever she visits her Grammy and Grandaddy Sapp. She is also navigating concepts of justice, truth telling, and figuring out what it means to be six and an only child in an “adult” world. Currently learning to ski on Saturdays!

We are especially excited about how outdoor experiences can be a catalyst for impacting character and self-discovery for youth. It is a privilege serving as liaisons between the Venture program and Journey; creating opportunities for young adults to put their ministry training into practice.

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