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Callahan Larson

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Why I'm Here

I experienced the love of Christ and the effectiveness of discipleship through adventure as a Journey student and subsequently, as a summer intern. That year here helped me grow in my relationship with God. Consequently, I want to facilitate similar experiences for those who come after me.

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Born in Everett, Washington, Callahan’s family moved to a house on a green belt in the town of Lake Stevens when he was three-years-old. He remained there for his entire childhood. Playing in the nearby forest helped cultivate in him a love of the outdoors. Callahan’s hobbies include backpacking, reading, playing board games, and snowboarding. He has a passion to work hard, live with integrity, and serve the Lord in all that he does.

He was first introduced to Bighorn through a friend and attended Journey as a student in 2022-2023. Following that year, he served as a summer intern on the operations team. During that summer, he decided he wanted to minister here full-time and applied for staff.

Callahan Larson

Operations Staff

As a part of the operations team, I fulfill many odd jobs around camp. Repairing broken things, maintaining the lawn, assisting on maintenance projects, and generally being available to help where needed are all some of my job duties.


• Wilderness Advanced First Aid (WAFA) - Wilderness Medical Associates

Fun Fact

I once placed 58th in a girls archery tournament.

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